Specialist Care
for Life’s
First Impressions

Dr Adriana Olog

Obstetrician, Maternal Fetal
Medicine Specialist

Specialist Care
for Life’s
First Impressions

Dr Adriana Olog

Obstetrician, Maternal Fetal
Medicine Specialist


Yes please, a valid referral is needed to claim your Medicare rebate.  We accept all referrals, so it doesn’t matter if it is a referral for another ultrasound clinic.

Our 3D/4D 3rd Trimester viewing experience is a 30min ultrasound that is non-diagnostic and therefore a referral is not required, however there is an out of pocket expense.

Please phone our friendly staff at Grace Ultrasound who will be happy to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. Ph: (07) 5534 7632

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

Yes, we have a range of ultrasound packages available to suit your individual imaging needs. Please click on the link for more information.

Yes. Dr Olog is very pleased to offer a specialised ultrasound service.  We offer tertiary ultrasound scans for all low and high risk women.  You can rest assured you receive a comprehensive assessment of your baby in expert hands. 

Our friendly sonographers are very experienced in obstetric ultrasound and endeavor to make your experience memorable.  We not only undertake the most thorough assessment of your baby, but try to make it a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for you and your family. 

We explain everything in detail to you on the day.  If a problem is identified on a routine ultrasound, you are in expert hands with Dr Olog to discuss these findings and any management and further assessments required.  

Dr Olog is skilled at providing second, specialist opinions if you are concerned after previous ultrasounds.  Please ensure you have a valid referral and bring any previous reports or scans with you on the day.

You will be scanned by one of our highly trained obstetric sonographers, followed by Dr Olog scanning you also.  Dr Olog will provide an in depth consult to discuss the findings and answer any questions you may have.

Yes.  Dr Olog is available for consults for fetal and maternal advice.  We accept all referrals, no matter what ultrasound clinic it is printed on.  Dr Olog is the only practicing Obstetrician and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist on the Gold Coast and has associations with multiple hospitals on the Gold Coast, in particular, the Gold Coast University Hospital.  These close relationships allow for continuity of care for both Mum and baby.

The price of the ultrasound will be discussed at the time of making your appointment.  We have designed packages to enable value for money for major scans and these can be found by following the link. 

We aim to be competitive with our pricing to enable all women on the Gold Coast to have the opportunity to receive a thorough assessment of their baby in expert hands.  Although there may be some clinics who offer a cheaper option, not all ultrasounds are the same.  At Grace Ultrasound, you receive a consult with Dr Adriana Olog, who is a specialist in her field and provides a comforting approach to your appointment. 

All of our sonographers have a vast experience in tertiary obstetric ultrasounds, along with their friendly manner to provide an enjoyable scan for you and your family.  All of our scans have 3D and 4D included (should your baby behave!) and images and video are sent directly to your smart phone as part of your scan.  We use the best equipment available and all results are discussed with you at the time of the appointment and your report is issued the same day. 

Dr. Olog is a highly experienced and respected obstetrician with extensive experience in the management and delivery of high risk pregnancies. She is pleased to offer obstetric services to all women (low or high risk), incorporating high level ultrasound alongside obstetric and early pregnancy care, early diagnostic ultrasound, and procedures and pregnancy monitoring for complex pregnancies. Dr Olog works as part of a team with a multidisciplinary approach allowing comprehensive and contemporary evidence-based care to patients of her group practice, Grace Private.

Dr. Olog is pleased offer consultations for pre-conception.  High risk maternal factors may pose questions for an upcoming pregnancy you are planning.  Dr Olog is happy to discuss options with you, should you require advice in regards to current or previous pregnancy complications.

At Grace Ultrasound we offer a private, personal and specialised service where you will be cared for by our highly experienced Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, Dr Olog and her specialist obstetric sonographers who have extensive experience in both public and private Maternal Fetal Medicine Units. 

Having trained at the Maternal Fetal Medicine department at the Mater Brisbane, Dr Olog now consults at the Gold Coast University Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine department.  This enables continuity between both public and private sectors on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, should this be required.

Our rooms are located within Grace Private, and opening hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Please call our rooms to make an appointment.

We don’t limit the number people you can bring in to the room, however ask that it is within reason.  It is a very exciting time for you to share with family and friends, however it is a medical examination and it is necessary for the sonographers and Doctors to concentrate during the scan.  Our waiting room has a kids area should your children become unsettled and an adult needs to attend to them there.

Our specialist sonographers will communicate with you throughout your scan and Dr Olog will see you after your scan to discuss the results with you and give you her specialist opinion. We will send a report to your doctor at the completion of the scan and consultation.  Any questions can be discussed with Dr Olog as well as recommendations for further procedures and management.

We are happy to provide images of your baby!  We send them directly to your smart phone for you to view and share. Our sonographers will take your mobile phone number before the scan begins and the pictures make their way to your phone usually before your scan is even finished! 

Please refer to our ultrasound page that describes the scans in detail and the best time for each scan.  Our friendly staff are also happy to advise you on making your appointment, please call our rooms on (07) 5534 7632.

You Doctor has referred you to Grace ultrasound to rely on the quality and the comprehensive scan and counselling you will receive.  This may be for a second opinion and a consult with Dr Olog, or it may be your very first scan.  You can rest assured you will receive the highest quality ultrasound of your baby with a review by Dr Olog on the same day.  This reassurance is second to none and enables specialist care for life’s first impressions.  You can relax in our boutique environment with hi-res TV viewing for your friends and family.  We perform ultrasounds for all stages of pregnancy and you will receive your report that day.  This enables no questions or concerns for you and your Doctor in regards to you and your baby.

A moderately full bladder can help us see your baby and pelvis better.  Please empty your bladder an hour before your scan and drink two glasses (250mL) of fluid, then do not empty your bladder again before your scan. You do not need to do this for a third trimester growth scan.

Depending on the type of scan it may take between 30 and 60 minutes.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for your appointment however, as this enables the sonographers to complete a detailed scan and Dr Olog to scan and consult you on the day.  Baby’s position can be a large factor on the length of the scan.  Some baby’s may hide during the scan and to ensure we complete the study with a thorough assessment, it may take time to get your baby in to different positions.

Unfortunately obstetrics is unpredictable and there are times when a problem may be identified.  These cases may require longer counselling with Dr Olog and further invasive testing on the day may be performed.  This situation may extend over a couple of hours depending on the complexity and the patient needs.  This process may affect the delay in appointments for other women. 

We apologise for these delays and unfortunately we can not always predict these situations.  Please phone in advance if you are concerned about wait times and we can give an estimate of any delay, to allow you to plan your day and any parking arrangements.

Gold Coast Private Hospital Grace Ultrasound, Suite 5, 14 Hill Street, Southport 4215

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